Good Morning

Happy Start to the weekend :) Today is my friend's baby shower, so I am up before the kids trying to get ready for it - though not much is going to get accomplished here until this cup of coffee sinks in. 
What are you up to this weekend? Hope you weather is as nice as ours looks like it's going to be!

> Jessi


The Wedding

Did you watch? Kate & I got up at 5 to see it, although she fell back asleep by the time Kate walked up the isle.  I have to say at first I wasn't sold on the dress, but by the end of it all I was totally on board, it is so pretty & Grace Kelly-esque, and I think my initial disappointment was that is wasn't super high fashion like I was hoping for. I guess she can't be to risky, so maybe when Harry marries Chelsea Davy we'll get a more outrageous dress :) (although she majorly needed a bra and a hair brush today!)

Her sister looked lovely - but I thought it odd that she was in a white dress too!? Kind of looked like it was also a wedding dress. Oh and holy hats!! There were some crazy ones in the crowd (that includes you Posh!). But you win for most ridiculous Beatrice...

Pippa Middelton
Chelsey Davy
 > Jessi

Faux Cable Hat

Finished that hat I had started while in labour with Abe!
Think I'll have to wait until the fall until I get to wear it,  starting to warm up here :)



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Excited For > Water for Elephants

I am finally getting to go see this on Saturday and here's why I am pretty excited:

1) I read the book a few years ago and LOVED it
2) I think Christophe Waltz in pretty amazing and is absolutely perfect casting for this
3) A little R-Patz never hurt anyone :)

> Jessi

so pretty

So this might be exactly what I want for a craft room/hideaway

> Jessi


Sliding Doors Roundup

Ever since I saw the last pic in this post I have been kind of obsessing about having one - I think we are going to make Kate's door (which is off the living room) a sliding barn door.

> tom boy design

> re-nest

> winter blooms
> pintrest
> Atticmag
> house tweaking

> Jessi


Restyle > Bookshelf

We got this bookshelf for Kate's room,free of Kijiji, and umm yeah.. it was free :)




Red & Turqouise

I am kinda leaning towards this colour scheme for our kitchen since we have some prominent red appliances already. I would probably leave my walls mostly white & use the colours as accents... do you think it would look dated to soon?

> source
> source
> source
> source

> Jessi


A Can of White Paint....

Finally a nice sunny day here!! I spend most of it painting furniture (which I will share soon), while the kids enjoyed the great outdoors on the start of this holiday weekend. 

Tomorrow is supposed to rain a bit so we'll wait dye our eggs then. What are you up to this  Easter weekend - busy with family? Taking it easy? Either way Enjoy!

> Kate

> little flowers in our yard
> even Miss Bella enjoyed the sun
> Lily making a mess

> Jessi

Before & Afters > great re-styles

I have some paint and some shabby furniture to fix up this  month (cause I don't have enough on my plate!) I've been finding some inspiring ones on line - here are some :)


> JaDa Designs


> the ivy cottage

> design*sponge
> deign*sponge
> Jessi
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