An Urban Quest: A Girls Night in K-Town

2 weekends ago we had a girls night here in Kingston. We pretty much do the same thing when we go out, have some drinks at home and then head out to the pubs. This time we decided to make the trip down to the pub a bit more of an adventure, and try our hands (minds) at an Urban Quest. 

So we downloaded our handy dandy clues book from the site and set out. It was great fun running around the city like crazy people and learning about about the places we walk by everyday. Doing it at night was a bit of a challenge as you can't see all the landmarks, but we had home court advantage and could figure it out. I would love to try it again in a city I didn't know so well, as a way to discover places that are maybe off the beaten path :) Ottawa/Toronto I am looking at you!

When you reach the end - and figure out the final answer, you go online and find out where your restaurant reservation is - How fun is that? It was a nice twist on a night out and a good time was had by all - and maybe too much fun for those who stayed out way past bed time and danced it up at the griz...full circle from where the quest started.

(side note you can win a free quest on Friday's on Urban Quest's fb page - I am trying to win our next one!) 
Getting ready to head out!
First Page
Looks like we found it!
There's the Next spot!
We think we have the right window - but Michelle and Megan thinks it's the other side - see ya later ladies!

Playing tourist in your own city is always fun!
Emily! there is no anarchy allowed on this adventure!!!
figuring out our final answer! (FIY there is math involved )
We did it!!  Now let's keep drinking ....and maybe we should go dancing...I bet some of our new found Kingston facts would make for some good pick up lines... "did you know LaCross was invented in 1608?" That would totally impress :) 

> Jessi 



I laugh out loud any time I see an ER MAH GERD meme.... Actually I laughing now just thinking about them 
Anyway! Seriously - it's coming up really fast - we have a our annual party next weekend and I haven't really done much to prepare yet..unless pinning counts. I also have not started the kids costumes, so I guess that's what this weekend will be about. Are you dressing up? Or dressing your kids up?

This years we are having a story book/fairy tale theme. It's always exciting to see the costumes people come up with! Here is some of our inspiration.

> Jessi 


The Case of the Missing Bloggers

Long time no see. What was going to be a short break - turned into a long one, you know when it stops being fun and becomes work? Yeah that's what happened. And Instagram makes me feel connected to the blog world - so that didn't help.

What's been happening 
- We went to Fan Expo in Toronto and had a fab time
- Made a family cookbook for my grandma's 75th
- Put in a new sink (are you old when this is exciting and news worthy???)
- Getting ready for Halloween (what are you being??)
- Sleeping better now that R-Patz and K-Stew are back on (ok I'm joking about the loosing sleep part - not joking about how weirdly obsessed I got about this story)
- Got crafty and made a jewellery display thingy 
- Turned 31 - and am going through some weird hair/wardrobe midlife crisis, I'm branching out of my normal comfort zone - buying jewellery , leather pants - animal prints... 
- Games nights, games nights, games nights - we need to start tweeting about them so Will Wheaton will invite us to play against him!

Overall really I have just been simplifying life and spending time with family and friends. 

- Jessi 

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