about us

Who we are: Jessi Coulter & Cassie Sheffield
Where we are: Kingston, Ontario, Canada

A little history of us:
We have been friends for years, years which have been filled with a love of craftiness, geekery and pop culture, and now we are on to an adventure in blogging!

Cassie & Jessi >Semi Formal Christmas Prom 2002 (when we were roomies)

Sparrows and Arrows??
We are avid Zoolander fans and often quote Will Ferrel's character Mugatu, saying "Hansel..so hot right now". So one day while scrolling trough an online magazine we noticed a big trend in sparrows and arrows, so we began saying "Sparrows and Arrows...so hot right now" every time we saw one (I know ...we are clearly really cool, lol). 

So when it came time to name our new blog, we jokingly said the obvious choice is "Sparrows and Arrows...so hot right now", and after laughing we realized we kinda liked it, and decided to use it!

Jessi & Cassie > 2008 (Weezer concert!)

Me (jessi) with my husband Clifford and the oldest of our 3 daughters, Kate > Cassie's wedding 2010

Cassie with her niece Sofi > 2009

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