Dress up

Abel wearing the oh so handsome knit set Christie made for him! 

If you'd like to make your own set, the sweater pattern is here and the hat pattern here

> Cassie

Like I Need Anymore Distractions...

So I am behind on the Pinterest bandwagon. I set up an account back in the winter, then never really checked it out until this past weekend - and I am hooked!!

For those haven't heard of it, it's a site that lets you keep track of things you find online keeping track of the original source so you can easily find it again. I am finding it really helpful when it comes to house decorating ideas.

If you have a pinterest account send me a link to your boards, so we share finds!

> Jessi


Prom at 30 - Why Not??

It's my 30th birthday in 2 weeks (July 9th to be exact). I typically do a themed party, although the birth of Miss Lily has stopped them from happening the last 2 years, but this year is a big one, so a party shall be had! The theme is prom, purely so I have an excuse to wear a fancy dress and pretend I am 16 not 30! 

Here are some of the things I am looking at for decor inspiration 

> once wed
> a beautiful mess
> decor8
> fairlightday
> sara's perfect party
> frosted gardner
> Jessi


Yard Sales and Family

This weekend's loot - I am pretty sure I am have an addiction :) But hey if I can indulge my gather instinct for 6 bucks, why not??

how do you do the cents symbol??
The rest of Saturday was spent about an hour and a half away at my aunt's birthday party, where I pretty much spent my time chasing Lily around and keeping her out of things :)

What did you get up to this weekend?

she thought her shenanigans were pretty funny!

> Jessi


Game of Thrones

Anyone else watching this? (well it's finished now- but I just got caught up!)
I think I am going to read the first 2 books and help fill in the blanks a bit - I get pretty confused about who is connected to who :)

 >  Jessi

Restyle > Desk

The re-vamp of my old desk. I really have been on a painting frenzy lately!



> Jessi


Little Toaster That Could

Remember my $2 toaster?? Well I got it home and found out it didn't work - a risk I knew I was taking, but it was $2, so you know, worth trying.  I was pretty sad because it was perfect for my kitchen, and being stubborn I refused to believe that it was beyond repair, so I hit the internet.

I found out it was from the 1960's and supposedly one of the best machines Sunbeam ever made "the Cadillac of toasters". Now I loved it more and was prepared to spend some money on getting it fixed, even though I knew Clifford wouldn't be on board with spending money on fixing something that coast 2 bucks. While browsing I stumbled across an ETSY seller who was selling the same one, and thought it wouldn't hurt to email her, maybe she had to fix that one.

Old Green Canoe (a fellow Canadian!) not only answered me right away, but also spent the morning going back and forth with me with what the problem was and suggestions for fixing it - and her suggestion worked - and I wanted to take this time to thank her for helping me out and encourage you to check out the great vintage in her ETSY shop!

Wow this was a lot of writing for a toaster lol :) Have you met any great ETSY sellers who have gone above and beyond?

> Jessi


Restyle > Mini File Cabinet

I got this little mini filing cabinet for $1 at a yard sale, and after a little paint job I am using it in my kitchen for storage - I was thinking of putting spices and stuff in it, but then I realized  Miss Lily will make a huge mess with that - so I need to find something that is ok for her to get into - any suggestions?


> Jessi


Harry Potter Party Continued

 Here's just a few more things we did for Kate's Harry Potter party (previous posts are here and here)

The craft project we did was something I had made for Kaitlyn for Christmas- Hogwarts notebooks. I designed covers in photoshop and printed them off. We then used dollar store notebooks and pasted on the covers and surrounded it with gold tissue paper, layered on in rough layers. Once the glue was dry, we dry painted on some black paint to make them look old. They got to take them home along with some of our Hogsmeade treats.
Hogwart's Notebooks
my printer was out of ink - hence the oh so lovely hand written signs :)
chocolate frogs (I got the mold at the Bulk Barn)
 > Jessi


Cottage Weekend

This weekend both our families went up to Scott's parents cottage...best time ever!  
Abe was amazing and all that fresh air made him sleep a whole bunch. 

 I got to go out in the boat with my Dad where we saw osprey and  their nest, a bald eagle, loons and we did a little catch and release fishing.

There is an osprey nest there somewhere, darn cell phone!
I didn't catch anything, but Dad did!

More things to paint!

This weekend's yard sales have left me with a longer list of things to paint and re-finish, hopefully I can get caught up on my regular work so I can get to it. I also found Kate a Harry Potter Wizard's chess set, she is a little more excited about that than the mirrors :) 

How was your weekend? Hope you had a good one!

> Jessi


Crazy little bag lady

Lily's new thing is to carry purses everywhere - filled to the brim with toys, it's cute, but I do kinda picture her in 50 years, pushing a grocery cart filled with bottles, trailed by cats

> Jessi


DIY Play Tent

We decided to build Lily this cute little tent for her birthday (she'll be 2 at the end of the month). Clifford made the frame while I was at work, and I sewed the fabric, and if Lily doesn't like it - the dog seems to :)

Happy Friday!

 > Jessi


Seaside rooms

I finally got the go ahead to buy paint for our bedroom! I am super excited to get started (although a quick turnaround freelance job just came up so I will not be starting this weekend as planned).

Currently the room is dark red and I am going a 180 on that. I had a few colours in mind, but Clifford wanted to go white, and I can add accents of colour - for when I will undoubtedly change my mind on what colour I like in a year or 2. 

So I bought white for the walls and light grey for trim and stairs - and I will accent with blues in the bedding, curtains and such, to I  *hope* create a tranquil, seaside feeling room - I want it to feel like if you looked out the window you'd see the ocean - and since Clifford is not on board with my brilliant plan to move to Newfoundland and swim in the ocean everyday, paint (and maybe a sounds of the ocean cd?) will have to do :)

Here's some of the pics I have been looking at while planning the overhaul:)

> coastal living
> interior design
> homeanddecor
> the lennox
> hgtv
> emerald cove
 Can't you just hear crashing waves when you look at these??

> Jessi
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