Easiest Eggs Benedict

I have heard that egg benedict is hard to make. But since I have been feeling kinda ballsy in the kitchen I figured I could handle it. 

Uber confident and ready to start, Clifford comes in and says - you know those are really hard right? (He went to cooking school he knows the complicated way to make everything). He then starts asking how I am doing the sauce - where is my double broiler set up...ummm...confidence is wavering but determined to remain a kitchen goddess in training I proceed - ok so maybe it was after I showed him the recipe and he deemed it to be a good way to make it. But details, details , I  made them and they were perfection. Kitchen goddess title still in tack.

I have heard lots about the Pioneer Woman, but have never really gone to her blog until pinterest lead me there - I think I found another love :)

Check out the recipe here!

> Jessi


What's up Tom Hanks?

Do you remember when there was no such thing as the internet, and if you wanted to know who was born on your birthday you had to make sure you were near a TV on the day so Entertainment Tonight would tell you? You didn't do that? Apparently my celeb stalking started young. I was stressed that no one cool would have my b-day, how shameful would that be? Luckily Tom Hanks saved the day (what 9 year old wouldn't be excited to share her b-day with the guy from Big, The Burbs and Joe vs the Volcano - that was my vast repertoire of Hanks films then) 

So now every year on my b-day I always wonder... What is Tom Hanks doing today? This year with my new mad twitter skills maybe I will actually know. 

Anyway it's not the 9th yet so who cares what Tom is up to ( I can call him Tom cause we share a birthday) What are my plans. Normally I would be in the midst of planning a ridiculous theme party - which was going to happen (and it was going to be vintage circus and would have been awesome) but I was not feeling up to it and decided I just wanted to get away, sit on a beach and then hit the town. So that's what I am doing. We booked a schmancy hotel in Toronto and are having a ladies weekend - cause we are definitely ladies (Little Britain anyone?) and I plan to just enjoy a little break in the big city with some friends who are also all about some kid free shenanigans  

Wow that was rambley...  Coles note version:  I'm spending my b-day in Toronto, probably with Tom Hanks.

Toronto Skyline
Distillery District 
> Jessi 


A Long Weekend

Canada Day has come and gone.. As we walked home from the fireworks, sleepy kids in tow, we could hear the youngins' partying it up. When did we get all old?? Not to be outdone by the college kids,  I went home cracked a beer - and  fell asleep... 

That's not to say we didn't have some celebratory drinks - there were lots, just not all night every night  - so we aren't old...just responsible right? and by responsible I mean I didn't have to cancel movie plans because I was in no condition to drive...that didn't happen at all, and by didn't happen I mean did. but hey it was the long weekend and when trying not to feel old theses things happen

> Jessi 


A Little Change of Plans = A Big Adventure

So remember that country wedding I was in...well the bride to be Aminah  made a slight adjustment - and now we are heading to Ireland! I am pretty excited I have travelled a bunch within Canada and the USA I have never left the continent.  

The wedding isn't until October 2013, but that doesn't mean I can't research the crap out of it  now : ) 

Fun facts I am learning - did you know the Titanic was build in Belfast? and that Liam Neeson used to be a boxer? and that most of Braveheart was filmed there? (Obviously I know the important things to research) 

We are saving out pennies now and am hoping to convince Clifford that you can't actually fly from Canada to Ireland - that you have to fly to Paris first :P

Giant's Causeway Northern Ireland 

Blarney Castle 
somewhere in Ireland
> Jessi
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