An Inappropriate Hat

Suzanne from SNB picked up a bunck of free knitting patterns curbside this week. I snagged this totally rad copy of "Family Headwear & Scarves"

 I plan to knit the most inappropriate hat in there, the "Ali Baba".

Talk about unfortunate colour choice....
But imagine it in greens and blues and looking all alien-y!  


30 Days of Lists {30}

Day 30 > Today's to do list

I skipped yesterday's list so that it wouldn't be so suspicious that Cassie wasn't posting one - due to being in labor and all - she was trying to keep it on the DL :)
But baby Abel is here now and I am sure there will be pics soon!

Jessi > Day 30

Kate's Room Enlargement

Here is the end result of our wall knocking down - it's not really a room make over since we didn't change the colours or anything - just made it bigger :) Now onto re-arranging the living room!




Old Frames

Hmm maybe this with the old window frames we have in storage?

> Jessi

Blythe Party Dress

The pattern is from Puchi Collective.  They had some great customizing advice, and I thought I'd take a crack at this pattern...Pretty happy for my first attempt at doll clothes, they're pretty fiddly!

> Cassie



Weekends are for:

impromptu dance parties

not having babies yet
fun times
stops at the park

maple syrup festivals
getting out to the country
petting cute animals
getting licked by cute animals

spending time with the fam :)
Hope you had a great one!

30 Days of Lists {27}

Day 27 > Lessons Learned

Jessi > Day 27 (me & Cassie 2001)

Cassie > Day 27

Unfinished Business {2}

Sweater that's been sitting around for the last few months 
waiting for some finishing touches... its the same pattern that Christie knit for us at the baby shower, but Scooter requested a letterman's jacket.

Thought I'd better finish this before he pops out!  
All I really had left to do was weave in some ends & a little applique, 
don't think I want to attach buttons.  

Blog Lovin {7}

Here's what we loved on Blog Lovin this week
spring bike > Twig & Thistle
country photo shoot > Keiko Lynn
mason jar lights > poppytalk


Lazy Weekends

Hope you are all enjoying your weekends!

little lily :)

30 Days of List {26}

Cassie > Day 26

Jessi > Day 26

Record Love

During our recent reno project, we had to find new homes for our movies, records and such. So now our record player is predominantly displayed in the living room - and therefore getting a lot more use. Here are some of  the songs that are getting lots of play time now :)

> Jessi



love them. love the office. Here's hoping the show can survive without them :)


30 Days of Lists {25}

Day 25 > Things I'd Rather Be Doing

Jessi > Day 25

Cassie> Day 25

How We Rennovate

It's was a Tuesday Night, we are talking about renovations... so obviously that is perfect time for Clifford to take a sledge hammer to some walls lol. (This is typical of Clifford once it's in his head he'll do something drastic so that there is no going back - even if it's two weeks before Christmas, I'm hosting family dinner, and I come home to a dirt floor and no walls in my kitchen... true story)

We decided to make Kate's room bigger by taking out the media closet we had in the living room and making that the entrance to her room - which in turn also gives us more options for our living room layout - will post pics of the finished project soon!


Knitting progress

So my first non-square one kind of stitch project is well under way! I am excited that it actually looks decent! (see that row counter..yeah that's right, totally knitting in the round :))



30 Days of Lists {24}

Day 24 > Things I make Lists For

Jessi > Day 24

Cassie > Day 24

Umbrella Prints Challenge

We are taking part in the Umbrella Prints Trimmings Competition!
We just got our packs in this week and are excited to see what we can make with this beautiful fabric by May 1st when the competition closes!  We'll keep you updated and post our photos here and on the flickr group!

Jessi's pack

Cassie's Pack

Leaning towards nautical

Last weekends shopping trip really helped in revamping my sad, sad, closet.

I am clearly leaning towards this spring's nautical trend over the floral one, I did step out of my comfort zone though and try some floral dresses - they just really don't suit me!

some of my purchases

- Jessi
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