Spring Sewing

On Tuesday I packed up my sewing machine and headed to Mandi's for an afternoon of kid free sewing. Here are my two finished projects - Unlike most things I make I will wear these! (I  am sporting the stripped on today!) Here's the link to the free pattern

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Knitting Project > Head Wrap

Happy Thursday! It's been a bit of a busy week here. Clifford is on his last stretch of school before exam time, Easter is fast approaching  and there are 3 birthdays this weekend (1 grown up, 2 kids) + Emilie and I have a chocolate gala to attend (I know you are feeling my pain... my life is hard!) What is keeping you busy right now?

Sometimes though, the busier things are the more productive I am :)

Here's a quick project I did awhile ago - I should probably post before it's full on spring
This head wrap would be a great project for a beginner - it is straight knitting, no purling and it takes about an hour.

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From My Bookshelf > Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me

Author: Mindy Kaling

So I read this awhile ago but am not so good in the book review department so it has been sitting in drafts alone and feeling unwanted. It shouldn't feel that way - I very much enjoyed this book! 

It is one of those nice quick reads that makes you laugh out loud.. so yeah if you like the Office, you read Bossy Pants and liked it - and well you like Chelsea Handler books but are looking for something that isn't soaked in vodka and wrapped in a one night stand, you will find this a worth wild read .

I have read about 6 more books since this  - I need to get back on track! I hear a round up post in the works :)

What have you been reading?

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First Haul of the Season

Happy Monday! We had a busy weekend of movie going, birthday parties and babysitting - now back to the real world.

Not this weekend but the weekend before, we hit up our first official yard sale of the season - it's so nice to be paying yard sale prices again and not the over priced thrift stores around here.

Have you started yard sailing yet?


In Virginia: Stumps Old Town Antiques

Did I tell you I was going to Virginia for a week? Well I did  :) Had so much fun and mostly relaxed but did run into a super cute antique shop nearby.  Stumps Old Town Antiques was adorable if priced somewhat above you're normal thrift store finds. These people know when they've got good stuff! I left with just pics...but wishing I had bought!



Mini Pies

I saw some little bite size pies at Starbucks, and thought - well I can make those...

I didn't have a recipe and had to wing it a bit, so I will try and give you as much details as I can so you can try it to! I took the pastry recipe from the Scandinavian pies, rolled it out and cut with a small wine glass. For the filling I diced up about 6 small apples and that was to much - 4 probably would work. I sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon until the apple looked coated, and added 2 tbs of minute tapioca for thickening. 

Once the tops were one (the wine glass was a bit big for this part, but I had nothing else to use) I brushed egg wash on the top and sprinkled with sugar, baked at 350 until they looked cooked ( I forgot to set a time but I think it was about 30-40 minutes)

Next time I want to cut out cute shapes int he top like the Starbucks ones, and try a blueberry filing :)


Fun With Glitter > A Hunger Games DIY

I am finally getting got up here - this weekend was crazy nice weather! Last week's craft material on Craftyminx was glitter - so I enlisted some little helpers to help me make Kaitlyn a Hunger Games inspired hair clip to wear to the movie- we'll call it our Girl on Fire Hair Comb.

Simple to make - with kinda ridiculous results...I probably should have shrunk it in size - but she plans on sporting it to the movie when she goes!

 Step 1: cut 2 layers of flames out of foam
Step 2: Add glitter, starting with blue at the base and shades of gold and red for the rest
Step 3: Let Dry, and then hot glue to a hair comb

Step 5: Give it to an 11 year old who thinks its more fab then ridiculous!
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Scene In: The Mentalist

Watching The Mentalist because I love crime procedurals and omg it's my afghan!

or pretty close anyways!

The colours are a little less pastelly on mine  :)



Drink and Be Merry!

We hit the first official yard sale of the season, I have clothes on the line - I think it's going to be a great weekend!

Happy St.Patricks Day! Are you dressed in green with a Guinness in your hand?

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Maple Madness

Here's a little peek at our trip to the sugar bush on Thursday (I went with Emily & Mandi). The kids had alot of fun, though it was a bit colder than we were expecting! Luckily our forecast is showing high teens next week

Yesterday we spend the day cleaning (and working on our craft for Craftyminx!) so today we are taking a break and heading to my grandma's farm - Hope you all have a lovely St.Patrick's Day weekend!

> Jessi
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