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If it wasn't for 30 days of List I probably have 0 post for this week. I have been super busy with work, and haven't had time for much of anything else! I'm taking a little break here to say hello and maybe go browse Pinterest for a minute :)

And if you feel like checking it out, I am a guest blogger over at my blog friend Annika's - All the Live Long Day

Here some pics from the fair a few weeks ago (the ones my phone was holding hostage - we reached a truce for now) Note that Lily is actually wearing the cardigan I made her (there may have been bribery involving carebears...but she's wearing it!)

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Day 29-Things that were awesome about this month

Day 29> Cassie

Day 29 > Jessi


Day 27 - My Overused Words & Day Phrases

Day 27 > Jessi

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Bruschetta Lunch

Here's one of my favorite lunches to make

All you need is
-olive oil
- basil
- any kind of crusty or hard bread, I like to use those thin flat hamburger buns, or the triangle shaped ones from Costco

I am allergic to raw vegetables (seriously..I am not just picky), so I heat the tomatoes, onion and basil in a pan and then scoop on to my bread, sprinkle on the feta and then broil at 450 degrees until the cheese and edges starts browning

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Day 26 - Things to do Before My Next Birthday

Day 26 > Jessi

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Patterned Floor > Guest Post from Design Shuffle

Hi, everyone, I’m Susi and I write as a guest blogger for Design Shuffle, a fabulous social media site that promotes interior designers and their work from around the world. It is also a great place to find inspiration for your next project or fantasy room. For pretty floor inspiration, Jessi asked me to write about pretty patterned floors. This is a big trend in flooring right now so I had some amazing patterned floors to choose from. Here are eight pretty patterned floors that I'm loving right now. Hope you find some interesting decorating ideas and are inspired to add pattern to your floors. Thanks to Jessi for letting me and Design Shuffle visit Sparrow & Arrows today!

Patterned Floor Interior Design

Stencil & paint can transform a worn wood floor into a pretty patterned floor. Love the natural wood against the white paint; it has a chic farmhouse feeling.

Geometric Floor Design

While this pretty pattern is a large area rug, it could easily be painted onto a wood floor. Geometric patterns are easiest to translate onto wood floors when you can use the lines of the wood as a guide.

While this pretty pattern is a large area rug, it could easily be painted onto a wood floor. Geometric patterns are easiest to translate onto wood floors when you can use the lines of the wood as a guide.

Blue and green diamonds on a white painted wood floor has a preppy or beach feel. Great for an entry hall or foyer. So cheerful!

Floor Bedroom Design

Chic chevron stripes or zig zags imitate classic herringbone in bright white and pink in this stylish bedroom design. So cheerful in a bedroom or hall.

Block Floor Design

The tumbling block pattern is becoming a big design trend in both textiles and flooring. It can be created with wood, marble, tile and linoleum.

Herringbone Pattern Design

A herringbone patterned wood floor is a classic that is making a comeback. It's such a pretty patterned floor in light wood.

Living Room Floor Design

A variation on the zig zag, this colorful floor resembles marbleized paper. A pretty patterned rug or floor adds so much life to a room. Think about this in terms of living room designs—crisp, clean, colorful and gorgeous.

Colored Floor Design

The incredible colorful patterned floors in this apartment flow from room to room; each room being a different colorway. So pretty! Images [ 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 ]

This post was created by Design Shuffle, a social network site where Los Angeles interior designers to New York interior designers can publish their portfolios and inspire others with their talent.


Day 23 - If I won the Lottery

Day 23 > Jessi

Day 23> Cassie

First Day of Fall

Yeah it's officially fall! We are smack in the middle of some major cleaning here ( Spring cleaning is out - fall cleaning is where it's at :P) Hoprefully we can get the rest done today so that we can enjoy our weekend. 

Happy Friday - hope you enjoy your weekend and get up to lots of fun things - like maybe having babies Kira?

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Day 21 - Shows I Wish Would Come Back

 Day 21 > Jessi

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DC The Lost Pictures

My sister in law sent me her pictures from DC, I thought I'd share some of the ones that were from the day that we lost our memory card lost :)

Washington monument
WW1 memorial
Lincoln Monument
Maya & Kate on the Einstein Statue
Maya and the ruby slippers form Wizard of Oz
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Day 20 - MY Dream Space Would Include

Day 20 > Jessi

Day 20> Cassie

Cleaning Out My Knitting Bag

While searching through the chaos that is my knitting bag, I decided it needed to be cleaned out - here's a little peek at all I had crammed in there.

2. random wool remains
3 patterns and empty cell phone case
4. I missed 4 :)
5. tape measures, pom pom makers, stitch markers
6.bag for holding above pieces - obviously it's empty...
7. diapers that are too small for Lily now
8. tangled nest of needles
11. random kids clothes
12. wool for someday making a second fingerless glove

I took most of it out and now I can actually find things in there - and on a happy note I found $15 in change floating around the bottom!

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Monday Monday

I had  a great weekend, but can't show you because my pictures aka my cell phone is not cooperating and letting me get my photos off it. This weekend included yard sales, a trip to the fall fair, hanging out with friends in the RV (it's home from the mechanics!) and a family nature walk. How was your weekend?  

Last week I showed a sneak peek of my Halloween costume - and  asked what you thought the theme was - and you guessed it Harry Potter! We are planning a Hogwart's Halloween party, so I am excited to get planning that (oh and that sweater I showed in the sneak peak - finished the back piece - realized it was to big and started over..but it's going well now!)

I am also excited for next months Halloween Blog Event! -we have lots of exciting guest post from some of our favorite bloggers, so make sure to check that out! So yeah lots of fun stuff coming! Happy Monday everyone!

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