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Finally painted my $1.25 yard sale shelf for the kitchen- I forgot to take a good before pic, but you can kinda see it there in the bottom of this picture. I still want to replace the hooks on it so they are all different, but I need to collect a few more unique ones first.

Happy Weekend! Hope your enjoying it :)

> Jessi


Summer to -do List

Summer is almost over, so to motivate me I am wriitng a list of goals to accomplish -
What's left on your summer to do?

> Jessi


Operation Blythe

I mentioned before I found an original Blythe doll at a little flea market type garage sale (this place looked like an episode of Hoarders) I snatched her up for $2, not sure what I was going to do with it, I knew they were worth a lot on line, even the broken ones.
But when Maya saw it, she got so excited that we had a Blythe, and could we make her pretty again, I decided we had to keep her and we are going to do a complete re-do -hair plugs and all! (Maya is fighting for pink hair, but I think we need to keep her blond). To prepare I have dived into the crazy world that is Blythe

Have you ever restored something like this? I could use all the help I can get - like where do I even buy fake hair??

Also she needs a name! any suggestions??

> Jessi


Mason Jar Inspiration

Can you believe July is almost over? Summer is flying by!  I'm trying to keep up on blogging, and commenting, but this has been a busy few weeks.  Any big plans left for summer? Or things you are hoping to cram in before the end?

Here is a  little mason jar love :) I'm definitely making the soap dispenser one!

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> budget wise home 

> crazy domestic
> style me pretty
> ivillage
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Jessi & Gwynteth {1}

Friday marked the beginning of project Gwyneth, and I think round one was a success!
I made her cheese stuffed turkey burger with baked fries (I couldn't make us go totally healthy right away, one has to ease into these kinds of things...right? :)

The only change I made was to double the recipe (and that fed 6 adults with one burger left over). It also didn't specify a cheese so I opted for Mozzarella thinking it would melt well and compliment the turkey flavour - and it did, but  I haven't tried it with other cheeses, so there may be something better.

The pictures didn't turn out great, but they tasted good, and I'll try for better pictures next time

> Jessi


Sushine & Strange Finds

How was your weekend? It was so so hot here..not the good kind of heat though. The gross humid Ontario heat

Despite the heat - I was pretty busy   had an impromptu gathering Friday night where I made my first 2 Gwyneth recipes (will post later this week) Saturday, as per the norm, was spent yard sailing. We headed out of town and stumbled on some really great places and finds - (Although I think the heat was too much for Maya and she was pretty sick the afternoon). 

My best find was probably the original 1972 Kenner Blythe doll I found - and payed $2 for :) She needs some work but Maya is thrilled to have one (she has some mini ones and has wanted Cassie's for some time) We are excited to fix her all up!
the pyrex gold mine! Also where I found the Blythe - head off body sitting on a pile of old barbies.

strangest little flea market!
some of my loot
friend's pyrex load
> Jessi


Old Mill

After my birthday party, we took a nice drive to go pick up the kids. We stopped at an old mill just outside of Kingston, I have driven by the sign so many times but never stopped to check it out. It has this shallow river bed that you can walk around in, minnows and a picturesque bridge. 

I took the kids last week and it is one of our new favorite places to go :) It's fun when you discover things that you live near and never new about!

we also may have stopped for ice cream... just don't tell the kids
> Jessi


Jessi & Gwyneth??

Inspired 1 part Julie & Julia, 1 part Knitxcore  (who is blogging his way through the encyclopedia of craft), I am going to blog my way through my birthday present. Why?

A) I have had a girl crush on Gwyneth since forever. Instead of the cliche Scarface or Pulp Fiction movie posters, in college I had Duets and Talented Mr.Ripley. Did I cry when she won her Oscar..Yes. Do I  subscribe to her Goop newsletter...affirmative. Do I sound kinda crazy obsessed? Maybe lol.
B) I am notoriously getting cookbooks, with the intent to become a gourmet chef.. but they always just sit on the shelf...maybe one recipe attempted, hamburger helper on the dinner table.
C) I need a blog mission to feel excited about!
D) Our family needs a kick in the butt when it comes to how & what we eat

So that's why :) Skimming through the book I realize I am allergic to some and will probably do the poor man's version of a few of the recipes, but hey, some of us weren't born into Hollywood royalty..but we can pretend!

> Jessi


Pygmy Puff Giveaway

So In a farewell  celebration to Harry Potter, we are giving away some pygmy puffs, handmade by Cassie. There will be 4 winners - one for each house!

To Enter:
Make sure your a follower through google or bloglovin and leave us a comment telling us which Hogwart's House you'd be in

Extra Entries:
You can re-blog, tweet, facebook - whatever! Just send us the link in a comment.

Good Luck! Giveaway closes Saturday July 30th


It All Ends

Yesterday was the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt.2. I'm so excited, but sad to see it end - have you seen it yet? I am hoping to go this week if we can find the time,.

In celebration we are doing a Harry Potter related Giveaway , so check back in Monday for that! Happy Weekend!

> Jessi



Beach Babies

It's so hot here, I haven't felt much like working on anything, instead we have just bee taking it easy with the kidlets -hence the overload of kid pictures lately :)

We have a little break from birthday's and such for awhile so hopefully I can get my room started soon -that is if I can find any motivation in this humidity! I hope you are all getting to enjoy your summer - can you believe it's mid July already??

> Jessi
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