Picnic Time

Saturday I headed up to Bloomfield and Picton, for some shopping and a little picnic. I was sad at the lack of yard sales on the way there - the season is ending!! 

How was your weekend? We also put a big dent in our room reno, and maybe had a little too much to drink at Cassie's bachlorette reunion... my pictures did not turn out to great - but I may be able to post some :)

No matter how hard I try - she always looks like an extra from Annie
aww Aminah wrote love notes ...well kinda

> Jessi


So Busy!

I feel I have been MIA from here lately - well I missed 2 days, and am feeling guity.
This weekend was pretty jam packed and I have a lot of catching up to do! I have a few outings to post about, another Gwyneth recipe, and hopefully a progress on our bedroom, which we are almost done painting.

Lily offered her services, but we have decided not to accept her painting help again :)

> Jessi


RV Decorating Inspiration

While I wait patiently  for the RV to get here, I spend a lot of time dreaming of how to decorate it, cause really that all I can offer to the project :)

From what I am pinning I seem to be drawn to red and colour..but I also like a calmer pale pallets... what do you think? I fell like t

Have a great weekend everyone!

checker board floors > pinterest

map wall > pinterest
couch area > pinterest
cupboards > pinterest
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Another Winery

Can you tell we live in Canadian wine country?  I went with my family to a Eagle Point Winery in Escott about 10 minutes away from my 'rents house.  I'm usually a red girl, but these were some delicious whites!  Some of the landscaping was done by Scooter's step-dad, he's a stone mason.  This is their first season selling, but they've been growing since 2009.



Bedroom Inspiration {3}

We have finally started clearing our room out to paint!! I bought paint months ago, but it's hard to want to paint and move furniture in an un-air conditioned  upstairs! Here are a few decorative touches I think would look cute in our soon to be cape code inspired room.

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> pinterest
> pinterest
> pinterest


A Little Detour

On our way home form he beach the other day we took a little detour to check out the burned out farm house along the highway. Clifford braved going into the basement - but the rest of just hung around outside of it (I went into the porch area but was pretty sure stones would start falling on my head if I moved around to much)

> Jessi


This Weekend in Yard Sales

Had a great time this weekend yard sailing - I had my mind set on things for the RV and got, Tupperware dishes, picnic blanket, vintage cooler, sheets, and so on and so forth. How did your weekend go? 

> Jessi


Happy Weekend

Happy Friday! Any big weekend plans? I'll be out bright and early on Saturday for my weekly yard sale fix, and now I'll be on the look out for cute things to fill the RV (the mechanic called us back last night and everything is ok, just some old parts that need replacing but nothing to crazy!)

And I am sure I will spend alot of it chasing this one around :) Enjoy the weekend!

> Jessi


A "Little" Project

We have a thing for fixer upper projects and maybe just added this to the list ...and by maybe I mean we did! I'm super excited to re-decorate the inside - and Clifford can deal with technical stuff :) 

We went back and forth on whether to take our budget and buy a newer one or buy an old one and put the difference into fixing it up and really we just like the feel of the older models - they have more character, so we decided , like everything in our lives, to fix it up and make it our own. If it turns out to be in to rough of shape we'll just sell and look for another one.

I'll post more pics when it's home from the mechanics , where it is getting safetied ..fingers crossed that there are no major issues (at this point I am hooked and could not bear to have to sell it!) 

Clifford wanted me to hold off on posting about it unti it was in the driveway - but I have never been good at keeping secrets!

> Jessi


Pretty Things

Just a little round up of things from my pretty things pinterest board.

Today is my husbands birthday - so happy birthday to him! We have some exciting plans in the works I will be able to share soon..I'm kinda bursting to talk about it!

and I forgot to mention my guest post over at make it dear - check it out :)

> Jessi


Cottage Time

Well the weekend is over - how did yours go? Saturday I went to a wedding in Toronto (waiting on some pics of this!), and Sunday we spent the day at Cassie's in-laws cottage. 

As trying as it is to chase Lily all day the kids really have a blast there. And coincidentally the little girl who's family owns the cottage next door goes to Maya's school, so they knew each other and played all day!

this kid has no fear of water.. I like that she in comfortable - but she is almost too comfortable!


Lily - she jumped in before I had her bathing suit ready!
> Jessi
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