Valentine Craft

It's February!! That means Valentine's day! Do you do anything special? We don't usually, but I... I mean the kids sure like any excuse to make decorations. 

I bought a bag of small foam hearts, and a bag of big foam hearts from the dollar store, some were pre-glittered and some weren't (because it's fun to play with glue and sparkles!) and we strung them to branch from the backyard (which we also glittered).  The kids had fun with this for about 15 minutes and then left me to finish it alone. oh and I think It looks cuter then it does in the picture :)

On another note - Thursday and Friday we will be doing our shoot for the magazine!! We are excited for that - not so excited about the part where I have to clean the house.

Also be sure to go to the Thrifty Gypsies giveaway!

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Happy Birtyhday Maya!

Happy Monday all! How was your weekend?
Today is Miss Maya's birthday -6 already, time goes do fast!! Her birthday festivities included a trip to the nail salon and getting her ears pierced, and she is going to have little party this Friday.

Hope you all have a great week!



> Jessi


Fast Soup

I needed something quick and easy to cook tonight we've been running our butts of all weekend.  I settled on sausage, white bean, and swiss chard soup. It was easy quick and delish! Also I think it came in under ten bucks and we have so much that it's going to be my lunch tomorrow too!



Bedroom Make over in Progress

Remember way back when when all I talked about was our room reno? It got side lined with Halloween prep, Christmas, and well now I have no excuses to finish - there are no pending holidays to distract.

We painted, purged and hung things up - but I still need to find new bedding, and add some small touches - which will require me to get out the sewing machine - which makes me stall - but no more excuses I need to get moving! Here's a little peek...those walls were dark red before.

> Jessi


Jessi & Gwyneth {6}

Seriously I am only at 6??? I feel like I have made more than that!

Anywho last night I was this close to getting take out (I didn't really want to cook) but I plowed through it and made a pretty decent meal! 

I had no ingredients for any Gwyneth mains, so I decided to try her caramalized brussle sprouts. I have never cooked brussel sprouts, and was a little worried of doing it wrong, but they turned out great, Clifford ate most of them and even the kids liked them, Kate said "why do they always here people say these are gross?" I think what makes them good is the lemon you squeeze over them when cooking. Some of them are a little over caramelized ..oh well lol

For our main I made a "shake n bake-ish" coating (flour, garlic powder, black pepper and bread crumbs) and battered and fried some chicken legs...which apparently is not the best way to cook them (we ended up having to bake after my failed frying attempt). 

All in all it turned out pretty good for a last minute meal! 

What is your go to meal when you have to quickly come up with dinner?

they cooked a little uneven
a little peek at my kitchen (can you tell dish soap was on sale?)
> Jessi

p.s I also did a little post over at Thrifty Gypsies!


Cross Canada Etsy: Halifax, Nova Scotia

A new feature for us here! We are going to be taking a cross Canada tour of Etsy, stopping in some of Canada's great cities (including our home town) and taking a look at the great Etsy shops run by some really creative and resourceful people.

Today we're taking a trip to the east coast of Canada. I've never been to Hailfax, but we did take a huge trip to PEI several summers ago and it was the most laid back and relaxing trip I've ever been on. 

The people were great, friendly, welcoming, and I would def. recommend it as a place for a lazy vacay! Plus there's a great music and food culture so lets see what these creatives and putting out!

Gorgeous real leather bags in a variety of great colours.  I totally want the one above!

I thought these were super cute and creative!  
Scott says we need this moose print in our house.

Selling both jewelry and art work I was drawn to the beautiful natural element in both.



Monday Valentine Love

Happy Monday! How was weekend? I got a head start on  mine on Friday with a trip to the salon with Aminah, followed by dinner and gigantic margaritas! It marked the first visit to a restaurant with Lily where she actually stayed put and didn't end with one of us having to take her outside- we may be turning over a new leaf with her.

We also braved Canada's Largest Ikea... it was insane and no store should be that big! And because of this trip I spent all Sunday re-arranging rooms. Hopefully next weekend can involve some down time.

Here's a little free Valentine love to start your week!

> the handmade home
> the paper cave

> one charming party
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Fisher Price Repro

My sister Shmem found this great reproduction Fisher Price Camera at Urban Outfitters for ten bucks! Abey is one lucky baby! But really I think I've been playing with this more :)



The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

I went to see the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on Tuesday (cheap night!). Having read the books, watched the Swedish version, I have to say I think the US version was better (how often is an American film better than its Euro counterpart???)

I thought it was weird that they would re-make a movie so soon after the Swedish one, especially since it was shown over here with success. But once I heard David Fincher was attached, and Daniel Craig (who is EXACTLY who I pictured when reading the book), I was intrigued.The fact that I sat through a movie who story I have read and seen before, I was still on the edge of my seat, and I was surprised to find that I liked Rooney Mara's portrayal better than the original, she showed a bit of innocence, but was still believably tough withdrawn. Oh and the opening credits were kinda amazing...a Fincher opening never disappoints! I can always tell if I really liked a movie, by if I am still thinking about it the next day - and I imdb/googled the crap out of it the next day lol.

Have you read or seen it? What was your opinion?

> Jessi


Family Finger Puppets

A little hot glue and some felt and Abe has cute new toys! I didn't have any gray, or a would have made the mutt too.

 The one of Scott is my fave...his glasses are so cute!

Abe likes them too!



Kitchen Inspiration > Sinks

Our next big project in our home is dealing with our kitchen sink counter area. We hate it, it's an eyesore, and we are always back and forth about what we want. I think (finger's crossed) we have come to a compromise.

And the winner is.... concrete sink and counter - Clifford gets to make it himself (which is important to him) and I can get the big, deep, farmer style sink I want with out the $1000 + price tag. We don't have a dishwasher or even space for one, so maybe a totally amazing sink will make us fight over who gets to do the dishes...yeah probably not.

> source
> source
> source
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Wintery Monday!

Last week winter finally hit us! I was in denial, thinking maybe global warming was in full effect and we would have a nice easy winter... not so much apparently. 

How were your weekends?  Mine was spent knitting cowls (I have 3 orders!) and attending a tool belt party, where we all wore decorated tool belts (the sparkly craft I eluded to here). It was a fun night of beverages, sing alongs, dancing and a midnight snack food run, that took us by our old high school. 

We also have some exciting news!! Kingston Life magazine contacted us and asked us to be featured in the magazine - we even get to have a photo shoot. We are busily planning for it ... and by planning I mean booking a hair appointment..priorities right??

We are also going to have a few layout changes this week, so please bear with us, hopefully it will go smoothly!

my gold chevron tool  belt - Aminah's pink princess tool belt
Suzanne's tool cookies - she hand cut them out!
sing along!! (Note the cowl..order 1 of 3 done!)
> Jessi


Slouchy Sister Hat

 When my sister Shmem saw the Noro Furin yarn I bought this summer, she got so excited! She's a multi-coloured kind of gal, so I made her this Slouchy Hat with Picot Edging. Knit up super fast and It looks so good on her!
The face she made when I said "Smile or I'll tickle you"

Slouchy to the max!

Colours galore :)


Blog Lovin {43}

Here's what we loved on Blog Lovin this week

granola cups > the kitchen
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shutter wall > olive and love

diy coat rack > curbly


Trendy Turban

I really wanted to find a seed stitch turban or head wrap pattern, 
but I couldn't find one on Ravelry. So I made my own and now I can share it with you! 

It was super easy...Enjoy readers!
Pattern Here!



I am pretty sure I need this...

Tea Towel > The Joy of Ex Foundation
Happy Friday Everyone!!

> Jessi


Knitting Project > Boot Toppers

What more Cabling?? I am sure I will get my fill soon and maybe I will try something with lots of colour work...err.. that sounds hard and I think I  will stick with the feeling of over confidence 1 colour gives me :)

Anyways...Love these you can make them look like part of your boots or un fold them and they look like you have big long socks on (the mock turtle neck of the sock world- very cool sounding eh?) I also wear them around my ankles for extra warmth in our old drafty house.

> Jessi


Lies & Pixel People

I lied, I am not done with 2011. I don't know how but I totally forgot about this Christmas present until I was scrolling through my cell phone pics (what cell phones aren't the professional way to capture your work? Only lazy people do it that way? I swear I hardly ever do it...no that was another lie).

I made these pixel people, inspired by a friend who was making them as gifts, for my sister in law..same one I made the Rosalie Scarf for..There was a definite theme to her gifts? If you picked up on it you can't lie about never having seen Twilight. I just outed you. 

This little Bella and Edward were framed in a mini embroidery hoop for her to use as a tree ornament or whatever she wants really. They were really fun to plan and make - Martha did a whole thing on cross stitching pixel people, so you can learn more there!

 > Jessi


Knitting Project > Cowl

I mentioned I was obsessed with cabling, I learned on this really quick cowl pattern. I was able to start and finish this at home without any help from my fellow Stich n' Bitcher's, I think it's safe to say I may be an intermediate knitter - and not a beginner anymore :)  

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