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Title: Nice Girls/Jane Jameson Series
Author: Molly Harper

Yes. I read this. In fact, I read four of these...and loved every minute of it. No shame.

 Jane Jameson is a straight laced librarian who, once turned into a vampire, gets into all sorts of saucy shenanigans, some of which take place in a restaurant called Shenanigans. This series was absolute fluff but carried with it a great sense of humour and some pretty fun naughty bits. Jane is a great character; she is snarky and sarcastic but also lovable. Molly Harper does a great job creating believable dialogue that made me laugh. I kept thinking "this sounds me and my friends". Plus did you see that cover? It's gloriously hilarious. 

My husband made fun of me so much over these. He's reading Game of Thrones and would say "I can't believe so and so died" and I'd say (minor spoiler alert) "yeah well, Jane is trying on bridesmaid dresses for a werewolf wedding"...cue husbandly eyeroll.

I would classify these as better written than the Sookie Stackhouse books with a more likable heroine and much better dialogue, but with less serious and less complicated story lines. 

Will I read more Molly Harper? Probably. But only if her next series has equally embarrassing titles and covers.


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  1. Hahaha...I love these kinds of books, they can be cheesy, but it's all great fun!! And I also love Game of Thrones :))))) x


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