Easiest Eggs Benedict

I have heard that egg benedict is hard to make. But since I have been feeling kinda ballsy in the kitchen I figured I could handle it. 

Uber confident and ready to start, Clifford comes in and says - you know those are really hard right? (He went to cooking school he knows the complicated way to make everything). He then starts asking how I am doing the sauce - where is my double broiler set up...ummm...confidence is wavering but determined to remain a kitchen goddess in training I proceed - ok so maybe it was after I showed him the recipe and he deemed it to be a good way to make it. But details, details , I  made them and they were perfection. Kitchen goddess title still in tack.

I have heard lots about the Pioneer Woman, but have never really gone to her blog until pinterest lead me there - I think I found another love :)

Check out the recipe here!

> Jessi


  1. I've never had this...looks yummy though, will have to give it a go :) Have a great weekend :) x

  2. I too just found Pioneer Woman...she is intriguing. Your breakfast looks so good that now I am sadder than ever that I have become sensitive to eggs...no backyard chickens for me:(

  3. mmmm... butter!


  4. Great job Jessi! Looks like restaurant quality from the picture.

  5. It looks really good, I love eggs benedict, but I am not at all ballsy in the kitchen :)

  6. I love making eggs benny. I do a blender sauce also but it has a couple different ingredients. But is so yummy


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