What's up Tom Hanks?

Do you remember when there was no such thing as the internet, and if you wanted to know who was born on your birthday you had to make sure you were near a TV on the day so Entertainment Tonight would tell you? You didn't do that? Apparently my celeb stalking started young. I was stressed that no one cool would have my b-day, how shameful would that be? Luckily Tom Hanks saved the day (what 9 year old wouldn't be excited to share her b-day with the guy from Big, The Burbs and Joe vs the Volcano - that was my vast repertoire of Hanks films then) 

So now every year on my b-day I always wonder... What is Tom Hanks doing today? This year with my new mad twitter skills maybe I will actually know. 

Anyway it's not the 9th yet so who cares what Tom is up to ( I can call him Tom cause we share a birthday) What are my plans. Normally I would be in the midst of planning a ridiculous theme party - which was going to happen (and it was going to be vintage circus and would have been awesome) but I was not feeling up to it and decided I just wanted to get away, sit on a beach and then hit the town. So that's what I am doing. We booked a schmancy hotel in Toronto and are having a ladies weekend - cause we are definitely ladies (Little Britain anyone?) and I plan to just enjoy a little break in the big city with some friends who are also all about some kid free shenanigans  

Wow that was rambley...  Coles note version:  I'm spending my b-day in Toronto, probably with Tom Hanks.

Toronto Skyline
Distillery District 
> Jessi 


  1. Vintage circus -- inspired by The Night Circus? :) Definitely would have been awesome!

    Have a great birthday weekend!!

  2. Here's wishing you a happy birthday! Have fun in Toronto.

  3. A weekend away with the ladies sounds amazing! Enjoy! x


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