30 Days of Lists {4}

30 Days of List Day 4 - Today's Play List

Jessi > Day 4

Cassie >Day 4


  1. Love Adele - she has an amazing voice. I love Rolling in The Deep and Feel My Love but there is something about Someone Like You.

    I love Glee and I don't care that my friends think it's lame lol.

  2. "I like to pretend I have great obscure music taste..."

    HAH. Same deal, my dear, same deal.

  3. I felt it was best to be honest lol

  4. I just found the '30 days of list' blog - and now was browsing the Flickr group when I saw you have "Blitzen Trapper" on your list... I just had to check you out here, 'cause my son 'introduced' me to that band/music only last week! How fun!


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