Stitch N Bitch

We kinda took over Starbucks this week - I think close to 20 people made it out . I got started on my sweater project - and was able to get the collar done (I am excited because it has a button hole - so I feel like I did something fancy!) I also learned that I could download a row counter on my Android - I think I was most excited about that ....small things lol

Other fun stuff : 
-Suzanne found a box of free knitting patterns on her way and brought them to share - Cassie is going to make a hat from one..and it should be hilarious
-Lauren tried to find something deep and meaningful about Twilight - came up blank, concluded it was not good and everyone should read Harry Potter
-I actually pulled off doing my hair in a cute up do (seriously I cannot do my hair  - this was a big step!) 
-and 2 new people came - and one is a beginner too - so I am not alone anymore :)

that's me in the middle - with my personal knitting tutor Michelle
Cassie at maybe her last SNB before baby!
Christie hiding behind the free knitting books
county - my row counter app - it only goes to 100 - not sure if maybe I will need to do a search for a higher count one, do you typically go over 100??


  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=qzdpgPOjKXQ

    Do you know where one can find these self-assembling Amigurumi?

  2. Oh it looks like you guys had so much fun! I need to find some friends to knit with! :) I'm actually wanting to learn to crochet, so we'll see how I go x

  3. I so wish I knew how to knit, this looks like the perfect get together for it!

  4. oh you have LOTS of knitting tutors really and yes sometimes you do have to count past 100. waaaaaaaaay past 100.


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