Lily's Afternoon

While on the phone with a client today, I could hear the wonderous sounds of all the toys being dumped out, so when I was off, I watched silently from the door -Lily was clearly on some kind of mission....

First she eyed the big white container - and emptied it

then needed to bring it to another part of the room
adds a blanket...
and falls asleep...
while I am stuck with a massive mess of toys to clean up :)
oh and she did all this dressed in her Halloween White Rabbit jacket?! Kids are so weird sometimes!


  1. Oh my gosh that is to funny that she fell asleep in that position!

  2. That is sooo cute! kinda reminds me of when my youngest sister was that age. We found her in a cool box once with a teacosy on her head.

  3. clearly she thought her crib was NOT comfortable enough for a nap.

  4. This gave me my laugh of the day...I needed that :)


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