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I  like to read. My taste vary, but I am definitely not a literary connoisseur  - (My book shelves have Twilight and Sookie Stackhouse on them... so yeah, I'm not exactly a book snob lol). However I read a lot and like to know what others are reading and always love to hear and share book suggestions!

Title: People of the Book
Author: Geraldine Brooks (a Pulitzer Prize winner!)

I was lent this book from a friend and was not really sure about it and it sat on my shelf for a few months waiting for me. So I finally decided to pick it up and was pleasantly surprised. I won't relay the whole synopsis when you can read better written ones on line here

It's not a long book, but does have a few lulls in the plot that I had to plow through, but overall it's well written, and well developed -especially as some characters only have a chapter to leave an impact. As a book highly built on religions - it's not preachy, or judgmental. The book is sad but hopeful and vividly described - she makes it easy to picture life over the years in Sarajevo - somewhere I know little about.

My only negative point would be that the main story line (the present day one) didn't have the same tone as the historical plot lines. It felt almost like it could have been from a different book (a Dan Brown book), but overall I would feel completely safe recommending it to people!

next on my reading list: The Radley's

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