Mini Blythe Dolls!

Cassie found Maya the cutest birthday present - Littlest Pet Shop Blythe collection! I had no idea these even existed, let alone could be found at the local Wal-Mart. She even comes with a little display stand - how cute is that?

I kinda want to go and buy some more... for Maya obviously... not for me at all...

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  1. http://whodunnknit.com/2011/02/11/plarchie/

    how would you feel about making one of these?

  2. Sparrows And Arrows is SOO HOT RIGHT NOW!

  3. Oh my goodness! I sooo have that one! My mom got it for me for Christmas! I flipped!

  4. I got the one in the black and white dress for my birthday on Monday. She came with sunglasses!!

    My favorite present of all---I am struggling that I may have to share withe the grandgirls.

    I am thinking about more, too. Oh, for them of course!


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