Vintage Valentines

Need a last minute Valentine's Day card?? 
Why not print out one of these cute vintage ones from Bella Dia!


  1. I totally used the popcorn one. I printed it out on some decent-ish sketchbook paper and it actually looked REALLY good. It completely looked like a legitimate bought card, (but with 1000 times more awesome and less hallmark) win!

  2. These Vintage Valentines pull my heart strings! So very cute :) Thanks for the comments on Songbird and I will definitely be stopping by Sparrows and Arrows again!

  3. these are cuuuuute...i love the corny guy :). thanks for stopping by my blog today. i read your about, it's so super sweet. I LOVE ZOOLANDER! we owned 3 dvds in college: zoolander, fight club and clueless.

    anyhooo, i have this recipe filed away and thought you guys would appreciatehttp://blog.craftzine.com/archive/2011/03/make_a_zoolander_orange_mocha.html

    great to meet you!

  4. Totally want to make those! thanks for the recipe!


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