Finished Project > Hogwarts Sweater

Here's my finished Hogwart's sweater. As per the norm, it took way longer than expected! I ripped each piece out at least once. I sewed the arms on inside out..twice. But it's done! My first full size sweater turned out pretty good for a beginner :)

What I Learned

- working with colour
- seaming
- triple check before seaming a piece on
- ribbing

Now what to make next??? 

 > Jessi


  1. Wow, I love it! It turned out beautifully.

    And can I just say I breathed a huge sigh of relief reading this, to discover I'm not the only one who will repeatedly sew things the wrong way out/back-to-front/upside-down before getting it right!

  2. You made that? Awesome! All the possiblities...


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