Happy Monday

How was your weekend? We celebrated Cassie's b-day by having a girls night back in our home town.. but I don't need to share those embarrassing pics :{ 

Sunday, we went out for brunch, for a nature walk, had a fire when we got home where we roasted marshmallows. Our weather has been amazing! I can't believe it's November and I can still use the clothes line!Now I need to get started on Christmas and plan what I need to buy/make so that I am not working till the wee hours of Christmas eve :)

What is better than nap time by a fire??


  1. So gorgeous, I love the Autumn and still great weather to get out into!! xx

  2. love a bonfire they are the best!!!

  3. I agree with the last sentence. I love being outdoors in fall with warm clothes and a blanket.


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