Crafting Begins

I have started making some Christmas presents, I want to try and get a head start so that I can relax and not stress out to much before Christmas.  I have a list of what needs to be made, in order of priority, so hopefully it's manageable. Clifford is not a happy camper when I over extend myself!

And for my boughten gifts, on-line shopping is my new best friend! I can fill a cart with items, and take the time to think about what I actually want to buy with no crowds, line ups or pressure to make a quick decision. 

Do you make or buy most of your gifts?

inspired by a friend's awesome cross stitch pixel people, I decide to try it out to!
> Jessi


  1. Is this my "Don't Make Me Cut You" cross stitch?

  2. i love that you are making presents :)

  3. Yay, you are cross stitching! :o) I usually first decide to make presents and then end up buying panic presents instead, because I did not finish whatever I was making... Apparently there are only 38 days left before the day??? Gah!

  4. I'm trying to start my gifts early too. I would love to make as many as I can. I actually posted about it on my blog today. Any project ideas you have would be appreciated :)

  5. i have bought like one christmas present. i need to seriously get thinking because i still need to ship so many!

  6. Awesome- good luck getting it all done! For me it's half and half. Some people warrant handmade, others need gadgets to be happy. But I"m totally pro-online shopping for sure!

  7. i make most of them, but i'm insane!

  8. You've started it already? Impressive. I'll probably be up late before leaving for family things finishing all my gifts, but it's worth it!



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