The Most Sexiest Time of the Year

Well maybe not - but it's the magical time of year when you look around and are confused - are you stuck in a bizzaro hipster world? or in an adult movie? 

Nope it's just... Movember!  Clifford is not taking part thi syear (due to frustration with his Lupin 'stache). Is you significant other taking part? Are you counting the days till December for other reasons than Christmas decorating??

Here's a little Mustache love from Etsy

> piprobins
> Mustache Glass
> RobbieMotto
> Jessi


  1. I told my husband he could only have a mustache if he grew an ironic one, like a handlebar or something. The problem is he just thinks regular mustaches look good and I do not agree. So it's not allowed. He has just been growing his facial hair this month hoping I will let him shave the rest and just keep the hair on his upper lip. I might give him one day.

  2. Scott look like a boy wearing a fake mustache...ie. hilarious.


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