Why paint on paper when you have skin?? I was pretty desperate to keep her awake so she wouldn't nap at 6pm and then be up all night. Getting paint out worked, but I am  not always sure the mess is worth it! 
* Note: after the bath I found her drawing "tattoos" on her arms with black sharpie - they are never clean for long!

Hope you are having a great week! I hope to finally get caught up on work, but I probably will time waste on pinterest checking out possible hair options for tomorrow's salon visit!

>  Jessi


  1. My girls would love that!! It's better than painting the walls. I've had sharpie incidents too. Children keep you busy ;) xx

  2. Oh, it's worth it. It's a lot of work to do for art's sake, but just think of a paint-less childhood!

  3. so adorable! bath time must have been fun that night :-D

    Stella has done that a number of times, often with markers, which are so hard to get off!!

    Have a lovely weekend.


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