Gan Flea Market

Went to my fave flea market last weekend! Here's what I didn't buy (but should have!)

Fire king mugs 10 for $20

Huge box of Little Golden Books. I wonder what I could have offered for the whole thing?

The cutest cocktail shaker (with matching glasses!!!) ever!

Ceramic cookware in the gravel floored 50% off room. It would have been $10 for the set.
I should have bought this!!!!

Next post, what I actually DID buy :)



  1. So many Little Golden Books! I would have probably bought those :)

  2. That pink martini set is so unusual. Now hurry and post the stuff you did buy!!!

  3. What fun! I love a good flea market find.

  4. I don't think I could have walked away from those books or the cookware set. Looking forward to seeing what you ended up with! x

  5. Oh man, those first two are especially killer- little golden books???? NEED.


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