How Does Your Garden Grow

I am attempting gardens again this year - something I never have had much luck with. Mainly I get busy and let them go, but this year will be different ...right? 

3 gardens have been put in so far, a lavender one along our fence line, a flower one at the front of our house and  an herb one out back. 

I can't find my pics of the first 2 so here is the herb garden before and after.


a naked little helper!


So far it's doing well - the plants are much bigger then were in these pics - and the cats have only dug up and killed one dill plant :)

> Jessi


  1. Awh, with naked helpers and cats undoing your work, I give you mad props for getting this much done! How satisfying. And a lavender garden? That sounds heavenly:)

  2. Looks wonderful. I still need to get out in my garden!! xx


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