Green Christmas

Happy Monday! My lack of recent posts is part due to manic present making part due to nasty hangover ...

How goes the Christmas shopping/crafting? My advent calendar is feeling more like a doomsday clock - staring at me from the shelf reminding of how much I don't have done! I managed to finish my sack boys finally and get a little cross stitch done, all that I have left is to finish is my nearly done stack of dishcloths and 2 dolls ... I can do that right??

As for shopping -I may have to run out and buy Maya one of her presents that hasn't arrived yet - Amazon we are at odds this year... we'll have to see how this affects the future of our relationship.

I am also happy to hear that my card from the winter warmer's recipe swap has made it across the ocean to my blog friend Annika, and so on the ball is she - that she made them and blogged about them already! She making me look bad :)

Make sure you check out Creature Comforts blog for tons of great printable tags!

> Jessi


  1. I still have loads to finish and I just feel like hibernating - next year I start way earlier and more organized! Precious pics..Amazon cam be slow at this time, I hope it comes. I am still waiting on a gift from another site too!! xx

  2. Ekk! I know! Major stress attack here too. We are going out of town Thurs, and I've elected to make all of the presents so feeling it!!!

  3. ughghg i have a lot to do this week, but then its of to a beach vacation and all the christmas stress is staying here!

  4. I am so glad we decided to do the one month Amazon Prime trial or my gifts wouldn't be here either. The two day shipping has been pretty helpful!

  5. It's just that we were out of cake and I would have "needed" to bake anyway, so your recipe came at the right time! :o) My final present delivery arrived today, so happy that nothing got lost or stuck at the post office. Still behind on the home-made front, though. GAHHH!


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