Paint & Glitter

This Christmas we decided that it was high time the kids joined in the stress of making holiday gifts.. so we sweat shop style set them up with ornaments to paint. They found it more fun then work though..maybe they are to something...Christmas crafting should be fun?!

We used a salt dough recipe found here. I added another 1/2 cup of water, and we probably should have baked them longer... I may throw my painted ones back in to harden them up ( can you do that post paint?)

> Jessi


  1. beautiful blog Jessi, I had lost your info in my other computer, but finally found you again.
    I am planning a reunion with other Kingstonian bloggers, I will keep you both posted.
    Happy Holidays. Babi

  2. So fun, handmade ornaments are the best!

  3. how fun!! i'd totally make an awesome ornament i'm sure (jk, i'm so not crafty!)


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