Monday & Amazon Fail

Happy Monday! Did ya'll have good weekends? Put a dent in your Christmas to do  list? I actually managed to finish a few things! This week I have a few shopping trips planned, and hopefully cross a lot of things off!

Speaking of shopping, this year I did a BIG Amazon order, and had everything shipped here, as in my experience I have always gotten my parcels in a generic Amazon box. Clifford's "big" present was a waffle maker (something he has wanted - I always said no) so I thought it would be a nice surprise.... well it would have if it hadn't been delivered in a non-amazon box, with a big picture of it on the side - while I was at work and he was home... so surprise! Has this happened to you? I am going to have to start shipping things to other people's houses!

On the bright side we have has an extra month of waffle breakfasts!

> Jessi


  1. Haha..love the look on that precious face!! Yum!! Waffles!! x

  2. Hahah- YES! #1 M. loves to shop for himself during the holiday sales. Which would be fine if not for him forgetting what he tells you he wants! One year we both ordered kitchen stand mixers and they showed up on the same day in their own boxes!! I was one cranky lady!
    #2 M decided it's time that we buy toilet paper in bulk on Amazon. Why? Because it was on sale= LAME. I was worried about how it would be packaged. And sure enough, it comes in a large box with Charman printed all over it!! I had a laugh with the UPS guy about how we're "really, really NOT shut ins!" Lol.

  3. Yum, waffles! That's definitely a silver lining :-)

    Luckily this never happened to me, because I am home more often than everyone else - but it has happened to my husband... because I am home more than he is :-) So he started shipping my presents to his office instead :-D

  4. Weird, all of my amazon purchases always come in amazon boxes, I would have been in the exact same boat as you!

  5. That happened a couple years ago with a Macy's order. Depending on how big the actual item is, they just ship it in its own box. I asked because I was so mad. Thankfully I was arriving home from work right as FedEx dropped the package and I was able to send my husband to a different room so I had a chance to hide his Keurig.

  6. Those waffles look yum!I've only ever ordered small things (books, cds) from Amazon and they've always come in Amazon packages.

  7. haha. i haven't had any issues yet! enjoy the waffles!


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