Jessi & Gwyneth {5}

Yes, I have been neglecting my Gwyneth cookbook, but am trying to get back on the wagon (in my defense I have made the chicken milanese, 3 more times!)

I needed something affordable and not to time consuming to feed 5 kids & 5 adults, so I decided to attempt her wood oven pizza.  I didn't make any changes to the recipe (unless you count the fact that I used my kitchen stove and not a wood burning pizza oven..but I don't :P)  

I did however heat my stone pan in the oven for an hour prior to cooking the pizza. I think it made a difference,  but really I am probably just trying to justify the fact that I had the oven on for an hour with nothing in it.

no shortage of helpers in our house!

> Jessi


  1. Oh man, that looks great! How was the crust? I'm looking for a good pizza crust recipe- I tried to make one in the bread maker and it was an epic fail! Think I need to try doing it by hand!

  2. that pizza looks wonderfullll!!!!!!!!!

  3. Yum. I love the picture of the veg, it looks so appetizing! So does the final product!

  4. OMG, if my dad saw a pizza with asparagus and broccoli on it, he'd have an aneurysm. He's a stickler for traditional Italian!

    How do you like the Gwyneth cookbook? is it a bit like Giada on a health kick?


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