Our Christmas

I have been taking a little break from the blog, due to the non-stop circus that is Christmas.

I hope you all had a great holiday and Santa was good to you - I know I got spoiled! I got everything off my wish list, it totally benefits me that Clifford & budgets aren't bff's. Oh and the kids had a great day to! Maya said it was the Best Christmas Ever - and I have to agree with her:)

Now on to NYE prep, and maybe finding some time to read on my new kobo and knit on my new interchangeable needles!

small tree space + family of 5 = pretty packed looking tree!

bubble bath is so exciting!

> jessi


  1. It is really hard to fit blogging in during Christmas. There is just so much going on! I'm glad you got spoiled!

  2. I would've killed for an Ariel doll like that! Looks like a wonderful Christmas, here's to a happy new year!

  3. i really dropped the ball last week, too! it happens :-)

    looks like you had a fantastic holiday.


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