A Little Holiday Glitter

Hope you all had a great weekend! I caved and we put the tree up Saturday, we also did a  re-style on an advent calendar we bought in the summer at a garage sale..when my batteries are charged I can get some pictures up. 

In the meantime here's a little glittery inspiration to get you in the holiday mood :)

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> Jessi


Hey Santa!

Somebody loves Christmas already and he's barely 8 months old! We went to a parade in my parent village which consisted of 15 fire trucks and a team of horses...
Abe loved it and he especially loved meeting Santa and getting his picture taken!



Christmas Cross Stitching

 Here's a little peak at my cross stitch projects in progress.. 1 down...4 to go :{  ans today is one month till Christmas.... better get to work!

> Jessi


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends! hope you are eating lots of turkey and getting to see your families!

> Martha Stewart


Christmas Knitting > Sack Boy

My next project is some Little Big Planet Sack Boys, to give as Christmas presents. I am going to hopefully get 2 done - but we'll see! I have never knit a toy before, and I have a habit of thinking things look easier than they are. 

How is your Christmas crafting coming along?

a finished one from Ravelry
Mine so far.....
> Jessi


Twilight Inspired Knitting

Cassie and I and some friends are going to go see Breaking Dawn tonight - I can admit it! Who doesn't love some vampire fueled teen angst?

Here's some Twi-Mania knitting inspirations from Ravelry - maybe a Christmas present for the Twi-hard in your life - cause every family has one!

paw mitts > ravelry
cullen crest hat > ravelry
Bella's mittens > ravelry
Bella's vest > ravelry
> Jessi


Parade, Cleaning & Crafting

This weekend was our Santa Clause Parade, and with having Swiss Chalet Festive Specials the night before, it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! 

Overall it was a productive weekend, I have been working a lot lately (which I love) but it leaves less time for day to day stuff - like cleaning :). So I cleaned the house from top to bottom, got some work done on some of my Christmas projects, spent time with the fam,and Christmas shopped.

How was your weekend?

> Jessi


The Most Sexiest Time of the Year

Well maybe not - but it's the magical time of year when you look around and are confused - are you stuck in a bizzaro hipster world? or in an adult movie? 

Nope it's just... Movember!  Clifford is not taking part thi syear (due to frustration with his Lupin 'stache). Is you significant other taking part? Are you counting the days till December for other reasons than Christmas decorating??

Here's a little Mustache love from Etsy

> piprobins
> Mustache Glass
> RobbieMotto
> Jessi


Crafting Begins

I have started making some Christmas presents, I want to try and get a head start so that I can relax and not stress out to much before Christmas.  I have a list of what needs to be made, in order of priority, so hopefully it's manageable. Clifford is not a happy camper when I over extend myself!

And for my boughten gifts, on-line shopping is my new best friend! I can fill a cart with items, and take the time to think about what I actually want to buy with no crowds, line ups or pressure to make a quick decision. 

Do you make or buy most of your gifts?

inspired by a friend's awesome cross stitch pixel people, I decide to try it out to!
> Jessi


A Winter Getaway

Next stop - Vermont! I am pretty excited about our little vacay to the wilderness this holiday season. 

We have a winter cabin booked with some friends, and yes we could have chosen somewhere warm, but why not relax and enjoy winter - just spend the day playing outside and then warm up by a fire in the evenings with some  lots of wine :)

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A Case of the Monday's

Happy Monday all! How was your weekend?

Our freakish weather continues with +15 weather...I am still using the clothes line - it's kinda crazy, and kinda awesome.

Here's some not so great photos of our annual  family craft we did this year - we always just kind of wing it - that's what happens now I am in charge of picking :) When my aunt's did it, it was way more organized!

Have you started decorating yet? I am counting the days until December 1st so we can finally decorate

> Jessi


Let it Snow

We had our first signs of snow yesterday - I love snow for the lead up to Christmas - and then it can go away :) My family was down today to do our annual Christmas craft - and now I think it's time to curl up with my good friend Kindle.

Hope you are all having great weekends!!

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 > Jessi


Amelie Blog Party

Earlier this week we took part in one of our blog crushes, Paper Sparrow's, Amelie Blog Party, where we shared our take on creme brule :) Check it out!


Finished Project > Hogwarts Sweater

Here's my finished Hogwart's sweater. As per the norm, it took way longer than expected! I ripped each piece out at least once. I sewed the arms on inside out..twice. But it's done! My first full size sweater turned out pretty good for a beginner :)

What I Learned

- working with colour
- seaming
- triple check before seaming a piece on
- ribbing

Now what to make next??? 

 > Jessi


Thrifty Gypsies > Vintage Giveaway!

Remember my guest poster with the creepy house tour? Well She is one of my yard sale buddies and what do you do when you have amazing finds and don't know what to do with it all? You start a shop

I am a contributor and sometimes helper...umm yeah not really - Aminah does all the work, but I get to quilt free buy things I don't need by saying "don't worry Clifford, it's for the shop"

But you probably jusrt want to know about the giveaway, and you should probably head on over to facebook, to find out the rules and prizes (yes it's plural)!

Here's some of what is currently in the shop:

> Jessi


Happy Monday

How was your weekend? We celebrated Cassie's b-day by having a girls night back in our home town.. but I don't need to share those embarrassing pics :{ 

Sunday, we went out for brunch, for a nature walk, had a fire when we got home where we roasted marshmallows. Our weather has been amazing! I can't believe it's November and I can still use the clothes line!Now I need to get started on Christmas and plan what I need to buy/make so that I am not working till the wee hours of Christmas eve :)

What is better than nap time by a fire??
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