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Hey Sparrows and Arrows readers! Aminah here, one of the owners of The Thrifty Gypsies.

First, I'll admit that when Jessi asked me to do a guest blog post I was a bit nervous. I don't blog and thought it'd be super hard to come up with something worth doing a blog post about. It's October and October is obviously Halloween month, so great, what about Halloween could I write about? Then it dawned on me that our house is spooky and looks like it's been decorated a little bit for Halloween all year round. From creepy early 1900's photos of people we don't know, the boxes of deer antlers to there being at least one skull in every room (not counting our skull tattoos, of course) So I thought I'd share a few creepy bits of our house with you... I promise you that none of these photos have been staged, our house is really this creepy, all the time. 

Thank you for having me Jessi and Cassie!!!!!!!!

Thanks Aminah!  I can attest to the creepiness of their house - we are neighbors :)  Make sure you check out thrifty Gypsies on Etsy and facebook!


  1. Aminah, it's Lindsay!! Your house is FUN!

  2. Haha, I think I prefer "fun" to "creepy"!

  3. where did my comment go

  4. I like eccentric ,It always feels like someone is hugging you

  5. So many fun elements in this home! Love the X-ray inspired artwork!


  6. That is quite a scary place. It's not too sinister though as much as just unusual.

  7. Thanks all! And thanks again Jessi and Cassie!


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