Jessi & Gwyneth??

Inspired 1 part Julie & Julia, 1 part Knitxcore  (who is blogging his way through the encyclopedia of craft), I am going to blog my way through my birthday present. Why?

A) I have had a girl crush on Gwyneth since forever. Instead of the cliche Scarface or Pulp Fiction movie posters, in college I had Duets and Talented Mr.Ripley. Did I cry when she won her Oscar..Yes. Do I  subscribe to her Goop newsletter...affirmative. Do I sound kinda crazy obsessed? Maybe lol.
B) I am notoriously getting cookbooks, with the intent to become a gourmet chef.. but they always just sit on the shelf...maybe one recipe attempted, hamburger helper on the dinner table.
C) I need a blog mission to feel excited about!
D) Our family needs a kick in the butt when it comes to how & what we eat

So that's why :) Skimming through the book I realize I am allergic to some and will probably do the poor man's version of a few of the recipes, but hey, some of us weren't born into Hollywood royalty..but we can pretend!

> Jessi


  1. I enjoy her too & I get her newsletter too ; ) It's good to think about what you eat and things like that, I try and make as much as I can from scratch!! xx

  2. ha! i'm sure what you make will turn out good, maybe even better yah!

  3. This is going to a great ride. Looking forward to see your food posts. :) When I learn a new recipe, I always do the poor man's version, too, omitting a little bit of this and substituting a little bit of that! Haha.


  4. What an awesome project! That book is SO pretty! Good luck!


  5. Agreed...way obcessed with her too! My favorite for her was Shakesphere in Love (my #1 movie). I heard she had some pretty good recepies in there!


  6. Oh, I have a girl crush too. I get the newsletter, I love the cookbook (hence my salad post this week) and I wish I could buy every outfit in the book.
    Best of luck! Looking forward to seeing what you come upwith!

  7. i love gwyneth (and blythe, and the whole damn family!). i can't wait to see what you make :-) thanks for the link! <3333

  8. I'm the same way with cookbooks. I have so many but I don't use them often. I've always really liked Gwyneth too. Sliding Doors is one of my favourite movies.


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