Operation Blythe

I mentioned before I found an original Blythe doll at a little flea market type garage sale (this place looked like an episode of Hoarders) I snatched her up for $2, not sure what I was going to do with it, I knew they were worth a lot on line, even the broken ones.
But when Maya saw it, she got so excited that we had a Blythe, and could we make her pretty again, I decided we had to keep her and we are going to do a complete re-do -hair plugs and all! (Maya is fighting for pink hair, but I think we need to keep her blond). To prepare I have dived into the crazy world that is Blythe

Have you ever restored something like this? I could use all the help I can get - like where do I even buy fake hair??

Also she needs a name! any suggestions??

> Jessi


  1. i did pink hair awhile back and it takes a lot to get it all the way out. my friend does those hair clips you put in- so it doesn't damage.

    hmm I would name her Suki :) after true blood suki- it looks just like her.

  2. i have never even heard of a blythe doll!

  3. I think she looks like Sookie Stackhouse, so I would go with Sookie ;)

    OMG I just wrote this and glanced up at Erika's comment. Twinsies!

  4. Sookie it is! Which reminds me I still need to watch Sunday's episode! And she probably needs a little Merlotte's T-shirt :)

  5. Everybody is naming your doll Suki or Sookie, how can you not name her Sookie? Hehehe..looking forward to see her makeover! :)

    Have a great weekend!



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