Jessi & Gwynteth {1}

Friday marked the beginning of project Gwyneth, and I think round one was a success!
I made her cheese stuffed turkey burger with baked fries (I couldn't make us go totally healthy right away, one has to ease into these kinds of things...right? :)

The only change I made was to double the recipe (and that fed 6 adults with one burger left over). It also didn't specify a cheese so I opted for Mozzarella thinking it would melt well and compliment the turkey flavour - and it did, but  I haven't tried it with other cheeses, so there may be something better.

The pictures didn't turn out great, but they tasted good, and I'll try for better pictures next time

> Jessi


  1. Looks great. I have tried her shrimp tacos from the goop website and since you posted this I just ordered her cook book..YAY ME!!

  2. This looks delicious...makes me wish I was there! And I think I will be buying this cookbook...we can have a cook off!

  3. is that pita bread that they are on? what a good idea!

  4. kind of, it's like a flat hamburger bun

  5. Both look super delicious! You have to post more food pictures. :)



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