Summer to -do List

Summer is almost over, so to motivate me I am wriitng a list of goals to accomplish -
What's left on your summer to do?

> Jessi


  1. I am so far behind this summer I haven't even gotten around to making a list.

    You have to try hot yoga. It's fantastic.

  2. Your summer to do list looks pretty fun! Mine would be various house projects, probably the most important being setting up our nursery. And, I have to finish all of the planning stuff for my sister's wedding. Ugh, I don't want to make a list because I don't want to look at all of the stuff I need to do.

  3. i have a million lists running around. lol yes try hot yoga maybe more in the fall but its really amazing.

  4. You could probably do hot yoga outside on your own in the summer ;) I love it in the winter because I'm freezing and the thought of the first 15 minutes laying in that hot room gets me movitvated.

  5. Love your list. So many fun things to do! Our list only includes home improvement projects, nothing fun!

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