Sushine & Strange Finds

How was your weekend? It was so so hot here..not the good kind of heat though. The gross humid Ontario heat

Despite the heat - I was pretty busy   had an impromptu gathering Friday night where I made my first 2 Gwyneth recipes (will post later this week) Saturday, as per the norm, was spent yard sailing. We headed out of town and stumbled on some really great places and finds - (Although I think the heat was too much for Maya and she was pretty sick the afternoon). 

My best find was probably the original 1972 Kenner Blythe doll I found - and payed $2 for :) She needs some work but Maya is thrilled to have one (she has some mini ones and has wanted Cassie's for some time) We are excited to fix her all up!
the pyrex gold mine! Also where I found the Blythe - head off body sitting on a pile of old barbies.

strangest little flea market!
some of my loot
friend's pyrex load
> Jessi


  1. Fantastic find!! Happy you had a great weekend :) x

  2. Thrifting rocks! I'm very intrigued by the miracle french fry cutter!

  3. Annika - it looks pretty awesome :) I'll take a picture of it out of the box!

  4. look at all that pyrex! i'm so jealous!

  5. I am sooo jealous! I have the worst luck finding anything lately at estate/garage sales.

  6. The french fry cutter is interesting to me. I would like to see what it looks like and find out how well it works.

  7. I love pyrex too, but am not allowed to bring any more home ;)


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