30 is fast approaching....

This Saturday is the big 3-0. But who wants to dwell on that? I think I will focus on the prom party instead! I got my dress (a clearance prom dress from the mall) and started some of the decorations, which included a major craft fail on some doily lamps!
This weeks To Do List:
- Finishing Decorations
- dye  my hair (cause isn't always the best idea to try something new when there will be pictures taken?)
- blowing up TONS of balloons
-making food
- Stringing up lights
-Find some shoes to wear
- and trying to to stress :)

The party has me thinking of our real prom, the drama, the glitter and the alcohol.

Lowlights and Highlights of the actual prom:
- breaking up with my boyfriend the weekend before/ getting to go with my best guy friend instead
- glitter in my hair / glitter in my hair!!!
- not booking a limo/ taking a mini bus instead
- Getting park rangers sent to our campsite for noise / hiding friends in tents and under tables so we weren't kicked out

I'd love to hear your prom stories too! Here are some pics of Cassie and I at our actual prom -at the oh so grown up age of 17 :)


  1. Are you going to recreate these pics on Saturday? Would love to see that!

    I saw that you pinned the doily lamp. I found the tutorial a few weeks ago,l but haven't given it a try. What went wrong with it?

  2. hope you have a fab time!
    We didnt have Prom in England when i was at high school. In fact they only started doing Prom the year after i left. 1987. wow i'm old.

  3. It sounds like you are going to have a blast! What a great idea. Happy Birthday a little early by the way. Can't wait to hear about how the party went. Have fun!!!!! ~:D

  4. I'm pretty excited to see pictures of your prom party. It sounds so fun!

  5. hahaha. the pics are priceless!!!!! I should go through my old photos and start sharing them!!!!

    have a happy birthday and a lovely prom <3

  6. Oh my gosh. I can't wait for the real thing! Too funny! Don't poke your date when you're pinning on his corsage ;)

  7. Haha..love the pics!! Mine would be the same, thankfully they've been lost :) I hope you have a great time when it comes..enjoy!! x

  8. I love the idea of a Prom Party. Your plan sounds like wonderful. I hope you have fun this coming Saturday! This is such a cute post, love the pics!


  9. Great idea for a party. Looking forward to the pics :-)


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