Busy Times

How cute is this?? Think I may need to hang some vintage mugs up

I am felling pretty behind on everything right now! Suddenly the lazy July days have turned into the crazy days of August, work and freelance just got really busy and I need to re- adjust! I promise I will figure it all out and not be such an awful blog follower and bombard you with comments again soon.

I have some posts almost ready, well... I have pictures taken - that's a start right? 
- Re-Style
-Winery visit
- Yard Sales scores
- Guest post
- Recipes

There now that I have said them out loud I am accountable to finish them!

> Jessi


  1. That is cute. Have you seen all the needlepoints lately with rap song lyrics? I love them.

    I wrote today that I would clean and weed my garden....and here I am ;)

  2. HAHA! isn't saying it half the battle :) You can totally do everything on your list.

  3. Those mugs are adorable. I'm not sure I could talk my husband into allowing me to do that though...

  4. That picture reminded me of the "Try a little tenderness" scene in Pretty In Pink! Haha.

    Dani @

  5. I love love love vintage cross-stitch! I want to see your yard sale scores! ♥

  6. nice quote! good luck with the crazy august days!


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