Wine & BBQ in the County

How was your weekend? We had rainy dreary days here. 

We live not far from a whole slew of wineries (Prince Edward County) which I have never taken the time to visit until last weekend.

Our friends run an amazing BBQ (Charnivore BBQ)  out of Chadsey Winery, so we made the trek up to taste test. It was amazing! they made us up a sampler of all their dishes, prime rib, smoked ribs, pulled pork, pulled chicken, potato salad, beans etc. they spend hours smoking the meats, and when paired with wine from the winery - it's probably the best lunch you could ever have!

Thanks Casey & Crystal for the great meal!

wine :)
Lily enjoying her lunch
Wine tasting building
smoked ribs
sunflower field
> Jessi


  1. I'd really love some ribs now..looks brilliant!

  2. That sounds so yummy. Isn't that where Anne of Green Gables was filmed?

  3. My face usually looks like Lily's when I eat ribs. This is why I only eat them at home with my husband. We spend most of dinner laughing at each other.


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