Happy Weekend

Happy Friday! Any big weekend plans? I'll be out bright and early on Saturday for my weekly yard sale fix, and now I'll be on the look out for cute things to fill the RV (the mechanic called us back last night and everything is ok, just some old parts that need replacing but nothing to crazy!)

And I am sure I will spend alot of it chasing this one around :) Enjoy the weekend!

> Jessi


  1. Adorable photo! And, to answer your question about maternity leave...it's pretty standard to get 12 weeks without pay in the states. I am lucky enough to have a job that gives me "short term disability pay" for 6 weeks and I get to take 18 weeks total. I have vacation time to cover most of the rest of it. I assume it's a lot better in Canada?

  2. I'm on matt leave here in Canada now Kira and I get 55% of gross pay for a full year. I used to think that I'd have all this free time, but my "free time" is usually taken up by things like having a shower lol Scooter can always tell if its been a rough day if I'm still in my jammies when he gets home :)

  3. awww she is darling running in the sand.

    have a super weekend. i know when anything needs to be fixed i always dread it! at least it's all fixable :)!


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