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I was going to post my friend Emily's collection first  - but it puts mine to shame (and I don't have her pictures yest -but soon!) So here's mine - she got me on to it and it is slowly taking over the kids room. Most were found at yard sales or kijij, the purse it actually my old one, my mom somehow managed to save it all these years with all the pieces and gave it to Lily this year for her birthday.  

It's pretty addictive trying to find the old toys I had as a kid - what did you use to play with when you were  little? Do you still have any of those old toys?

> sink
> doll house
> farm
> purse
record player
> stove
> castle
> milk bottles
> house boat
> Jessi


  1. I love these, and I remember that stove! :)


  2. We had the playhouse and record player too. My parents kept the house and Emily LOVES to play with it! The sink looks really familiar too...

  3. My toys are long gone but I loved that old Fisher Price stuff!

    Does the doorbell still work on the dollhouse?

    I remember one of my friends had that castle - it was the best!

  4. i think i had that farm house and i so loved it when i was little.

  5. i had that castle! it was like, my only toy.

  6. Oh my gosh your collection is getting big! I used to love the stove and the farm. Now that I know there was a purse though I'm pretty jealous!



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