DIY > Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

I saw this on pinterest and thought it would look much nicer than the Costco size plastic soap container. 

After finding an old blue mason jar like I wanted, I stalled for weeks on making it - it sat ignored on my desk, along with a pile of mirrors to be painted. After pondering if I could use the drill press alone (gr.7 shop teacher struck a fear of them into me), Clifford went out and did it for me - and after 3 weeks - so 505 hours (right?) it was done in all of 5 minutes.

I had to replace the glass top with a tin one, which a friend who cans gave me (thanks Michelle!) and another friend gave me the pump (thanks Aminah!) so all in all the project cost 2$.

Do you have any DIY projects haunting you to start them?

> Jessi


  1. Awesome! I might have to give that one at try.

  2. I really love this idea :) I use jars for storing coffee/flour etc.

  3. This was the BEST jar DIY. I really want to do a bunch of them! Maybe I could get Clifford to drill all the jar tops for me!

    PS Yes you missed a HUGE chocolate cake at work. Reg's friend gave it to him and he couldn't eat it all...


  4. I should really do this, I love these kinds of things! Have a great weekend! xx

  5. I want one! I'll add this to the 100 other projects on my list... :o) Have a great weekend!


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