Family Tree

I am hooked on genealogy shows! Who Do you Think You Are, Finding Your Roots and Faces of America are totally blowing my mind right now. So I signed up for ancestry.ca. Now I feel like a detective!  I've trace my family as far back as the 1640's in Massachusetts, I even found some pictures :)

Annie Moran (1881 - 1866)
This is my 2x Great Grandma. I've never seen this picture before, 
but she really looks like my dad.

This is my 3x Great Grand Uncle and his wife. He reminds me so much of my brother, Joel.
 It must be those mad sideburns!

Amos Bull (1768 - 1832)
He was my 4x great grandfather and this was his house

I also found out on the one side we were descendant from Quakers, 
and found lots of stories as well:) 



  1. This is awesome! And being able to trace your roots back to 1640 is amazing! My husband's aunt has made a family tree for his family, but I really don't know much about mine.


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