For Realz?

So I went to a baby shower this weekend (fiy if you ever have host a baby shower - skip the games and have the wine and food flowing - it was all kinds of amazing!) 

I got a lot of praise while working on the leaf blanket I made for Clilfford's cousin - and not wanting to let go of that ( I am a sucker for it), I decided to make it again - and bask in some more glory

This is what I get for being full of myself  - she got the same blanket from someone else! What are the chances of that? I did not look closely at the second one - I am sure it out shined mine x10000 

but for serious...the same blanket!!! lol - but I still love it  - and babies need all things in multiples - they make a lot of messes :)

> Jessi


  1. That's too funny! What are the odds of two people knitting a baby the exact same blanket? I think yours looks great and it can never hurt to have more than one on hand.

  2. Wow that is all kinds of odd!!! And that sounds like a GREAT way to have a baby shower. After all, just because prego can't have wine doesn't mean the rest of us don't need any to get through things like that sometimes LOL! Afterall- attendees aren't showered with presents, now are they!

  3. Crazy! Babies do need lots of blankets though :)

  4. It's beautiful! We'll sing your praises here. lalalalallallalalala you are so wonderful and talented...and I'm singing! ;) And maybe drinking a little bit too. Just kidding.

  5. I am just amazed that you actually made that lovely blanket! Who cares if she has another one? It's not like you only need one blankie for your baby ;-)

  6. Also, thanks for the tip to skip the games and just keep the food and drink flowing - I am organizing my very first baby shower and I am having trouble coming up with shower games that aren't totally lame ;-)

  7. wait, what? someone made the SAME blanket? ugh.

  8. This craft fair sounds like a lot of fun! And you're right! You can't have too many baby blankets, and yours is very pretty! I would be very happy to receive something beautiful and handmade and I don't even have a baby .-)).


  9. hola,buenos diseƱos para inspiracion.


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