Jessi & Gwyneth {12}

10 hour chicken

For serious - 10 hours... I had to have it the oven by 8:30 am  to have it ready for 6. 
When we finally took it out of the oven it was falling off the bones, thought I found the breast piece I had a bit dry - maybe I cooked it a little long at the end when you are supposed to uncover and up the heat 

I also am not a good judge of measurements - and when it says to put a "generous" amount of salt - I think I maybe put "excessive" amounts :)

Now I need to go tweet it so Gwyneth sees it and invites me over for some of her schancy cooking :P

at the 9.5 hour mark 

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> Jessi


  1. Yum! Well, I've heard (because I'm really not the meat cook in this house) that it takes a lot of practice to get this just right! Looks good none the less!

  2. It does look delicious. What temperature do you cook this at? 10 hours does seem like a long time for a chicken!

  3. Looks delicious! Roasted chicken cooked any way is my fav!


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