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I think the driving force of me reading this book is that Emma Watson was in the movie lol - I am literary like that. 

I have to say for a coming of age book for a grade 9 boy (which I am not and have never been) I loved it, and have told most of my friends to read it. I had low expectations thinking it would be like Catcher in the Rye- which I read as an adult and just wanted to smack Holden the whole time, Perks' Charlie was likable!

The style of the book is written sort of diary style, letters to an anonymous friend, at first it was a bit hard to read, as his thoughts and witting were a bit scattered, but as he starts reading more (through books his teacher assigns him on the side) you can see the affect it's having on his ability to tell his stories... so what I am saying is don't give up after the first few letters! It's short it won't demand a lot of your time, and from what I can see online most people give it 5 stars - a handful give it 1 - I want to know what you think :)

Are you on GoodReads? Have you set up a 2012 reading challenge yet?

> Jessi



  1. Sounds good. I must remember this next time it's my turn to get books for our Book Club. x

  2. I loved this book, definitely a favourite!! xx

  3. I have not read this book (almost wrote read this movie. x_x) but I have seen parts of it performed.

    I loved Catcher in the Rye but I don't think I'll be picking up this book...

  4. the movie was good :-) my challenge is like, 25 books, i think? haha.


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