Bruschetta Lunch

Here's one of my favorite lunches to make

All you need is
-olive oil
- basil
- any kind of crusty or hard bread, I like to use those thin flat hamburger buns, or the triangle shaped ones from Costco

I am allergic to raw vegetables (seriously..I am not just picky), so I heat the tomatoes, onion and basil in a pan and then scoop on to my bread, sprinkle on the feta and then broil at 450 degrees until the cheese and edges starts browning

> Jessi


  1. this sounds good I love feta so much!


  2. My husband is allergic to a lot of raw vegetables and fruits as well. I've never heard of someone else with the same issue. His isn't too bad, his throat and mouth just start to itch, is yours more severe?

  3. That looks so yummy I definetly need to try that!


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